OLID Board Meetings
4th Tuesday – October 27, 5:30 p.m.
Elk River City Hall

Agendas and meeting materials are posted as soon as they are available.

2020 OLID Annual Meeting materials link.

Alert: Invasive Zebra Mussels confirmed in Lake Orono

Zebra mussel sample

Zebra Mussel sample on rock

There have been two separate instances of possible zebra mussels found in Lake Orono. The DNR, SWCD and City have been notified.

They range from 1/4 in. to 1-1/2 in in size; adults are usually fingernail-sized. They have a D-shaped hinged shell and usually have alternating yellow and brownish stripes, but as you can see in the pictures you may not be able to see the stripes.

Zebra mussels usually attach to hard surfaces (rocks, docks, boats, motors, etc.) below the water’s surface.

If you see any, DO NOT throw in the lake — leave them where they are. Please take a photo, note the location and send an email to oronolid@gmail.com with the information.


The mission of the Orono Lake Improvement District (OLID) is to protect, preserve and enhance Lake Orono. The OLID partners with the Lake Orono Improvement Association (LOIA), the City of Elk River, the Sherburne County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and regional or state entities to implement a comprehensive program to alleviate current ecological stressors and recreational impairment on Lake Orono, brought about by aquatic invasive species, native plant overgrowth, algae proliferation, excess nutrients and sedimentation.  Additional goals are to improve water quality, fisheries and habitat.


Property owners and all Elk River residents who use Lake Orono will enjoy a cleaner, clearer and safer-to-navigate lake that provides better recreational opportunities and improved wildlife habitat.

A managed lake will maintain and improve property values as well as add to residents’ enjoyment. The OLID is also an added way to be eligible for public grants.

The OLID gives property owners within the OLID the opportunity to participate directly in management and funding decisions regarding the lake.

Orono beach

Lake drawdown for LORE (dredging)
to begin

Sept. 8, 2020

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How the OLID was formed

Link to page on City of Elk River’s website


  • The OLID helps in achieving an equitable and stable ongoing funding means to manage water quality, sedimentation, existing aquatic invasive species (AIS), nuisance weeds, algae, and to be positioned to cope with future AIS threats.
  • The OLID can provide funds that complement city, county, state, and Lake Association investments that alone are not sufficient.
  • The OLID can fund the expansion of curly-leaf pondweed remediation to all infested public and private areas lake-wide.
  • The OLID can improve water clarity and quality by pinpointing harm sources and implementing a reduction plan.
  • The OLID can help manage fisheries and habitat and maintain and improve their quality.
  • Establishing the OLID helps to facilitate the City of Elk River approved Lake Orono Restoration and Enhancement (LORE) Project and planning to address future dredging needs.
  • In partnering with other entities the OLID can help facilitate an ongoing comprehensive lake management plan to monitor and improve water quality and address other lake related concerns as needed.

Board of Directors

Patrick Plant

Patrick Plant,
Term ends 2021

Chris Rock,
Vice Chair
Term ends 2022

Chris Bickman, Treasurer

Chris Bickman, Treasurer
Term ends 2023

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Tom Binsfeld, Secretary
Term ends 2021

Ed Bury, Parliamentarian
Term ends 2022